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IT is continually challenged to help business meet its goals – whether reducing costs, keeping systems running, or enabling innovative new product and service offerings. How can your choice of network infrastructure impact these goals?

Lake Partners Strategy Consultants conducted research to understand the efficiencies created by different operating systems in key network areas such as reliability, flexibility and operational efficiency. Research included (but was not limited to) investigation of Juniper Network's operating system (JUNOS™ software).

In total 122 network operations team leaders were interviewed and asked a variety of questions regarding daily operations and the hardware currently deployed in their network. Respondent companies ranged in size (mid-sized to enterprise class) and were from a variety of industry verticals (including but not limited to healthcare, finance, telecommunications, government, and education).

Download this white paper now and you'll receive valuable quantitative data collected from the surveys and interviews of your peers. You'll also learn how JUNOS software can help IT organizations:
  • Achieve high network performance and high ROI
  • Improve risk management and network availability
  • Increase efficiency in key areas (e.g. adding infrastructure, troubleshooting, and monitoring)
  • Ultimately lower cost of running and maintaining the network

This white paper is written by Lake Partners Strategy Consultants Inc.

How Operating Systems Create Network Efficiency, Lake Partners Strategy Consultants Inc, Request Your Free White Paper, Juniper Networks
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How Operating Systems Create Network Efficiency
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