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Automating route activity provides benefits both in the field and in the office by reducing the labor and time needed to enter data and process paperwork, cutting inventory errors, and by helping drivers record orders and deliveries more quickly. Mobile printing is an essential element for delivering and enhancing these benefits in route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) operations. Supporting route activity with mobile printing lets drivers generate accurate, updated orders, invoices, delivery receipts, settlement reports and other documentation to review with customers to ensure accuracy and prevent time-consuming disputes.

Mobile printing provides a series of quality improvements and timesaving benefits that are often overlooked in route automation, but can have a significant impact on the bottom line. This white paper will:
  • Describe uses for mobile printing in route accounting applications
  • Provide return on investment calculation tools to measure the financial impact mobile printing can have
  • Demonstrate how mobile printing processes can improve billing, distribution, and customer service operations
  • Detail how on-demand thermal printing can reduce forms expenses
  • Provide an overview of mobile printer and wireless communications options for route accounting systems.

How Mobile Printing Enhances Efficiency in Route Accounting & DSD, enter data, process paperwork, direct store delivery (DSD) operations, Zebra Technologies, Zebra Technologies Complimentary White Paper, financial impact mobile printing
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How Mobile Printing Enhances Efficiency in Route Accounting & DSD
The resource is available from the link above.
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