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Few industry sectors require the consistent level of safety and reliability that commercial aviation does. Societal acceptance of avoidable aviation accidents will continue to decrease, even though it is statistically well established that air travel is the safest mode of transportation commercially available. All the stakeholders in this economic sector understand the imperative need for passengers to be and feel as safe as possible when boarding an aircraft.

Historically, around the world, regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA - have been established to oversee and regulate organizations involved with all the aspects and facets associated with flight safety. One of the most important, influential and visible stakeholders, involved in flight safety, are the so called "repair stations" such as AS9110.

AS9110 is intended to provide an additional layer of control, not as a replacement of regulatory oversight, nor customer monitoring. Explore why implementation and possibly accredited "other-party" certification of an MRO organization to AS9110 could be beneficial to stakeholders such as the suppliers themselves, the airlines, Aerospace OEMs and the Regulatory Agencies.

How AS9110 Can Assist Regulatory Agencies, Airlines and Other Stakeholders, DNV Industry, Free Information Brief, Federal Aviation Administration,Lean Manufacturing
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How AS9110 Can Assist Regulatory Agencies
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