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There is an interesting clash of perspectives occurring in the enterprise market between the Hadoop newcomers and the old school data warehousing providers. The latter are attempting to paint Hadoop into a corner, narrowing its usefulness to a limited set of functionality while at the other end, the Hadoop providers are expanding the functionality of Hadoop to broaden its applicability and usefulness. In the middle are enterprises who are trying to figure out how Hadoop fits into their existing environment alongside data warehouses and other legacy systems. They are typically conservative and pragmatic and are primarily interested in reducing the cost of their environment while squeezing more value out of their data.

In fact, many organizations have found that by using Hadoop to complement their data warehouses, they can improve performance, reduce costs, and accelerate new insights.

Topics to be discussed:
  • Understanding Hadoop's role with respect to the data warehouse
  • Economic considerations for Hadoop
  • How can customers prepare for SDN, given the technology and marketplace is rapidly evolving?
  • What are the key industry standards efforts and how do they differ? (IETF, ONF, NFV, etc.)

Cloudera, Inc., Cloudera, Inc.:Live Webinar, Hadoop vs. EDWs: Trends in Enterprise Adoption, enterprise it, legacy system, it trends, it system, it industry, it organization
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