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According to a new Benchmark Report by Aberdeen, 78% of Best-in-Class companies look to Asset Performance Management (APM) capabilities and strategies to optimize asset utilization, availability, and flexibility to improve Return on Assets (ROA).

This report investigates the ways top performing companies develop corporate cultures of reliability (and responsibility) and leverage investments in advanced APM tools to improve asset performance monitoring, predictive analytics, asset management, maintenance activities for operational performance.

In this report find out:
  • 4 key metrics for asset performance and plant maintenance.
  • 5 key characteristics that should serve as a guideline for best practices and correlate directly with Best-in-Class performance across the key metrics.
  • 5 steps to boost maintenance effectiveness.
The report offers recommendations on operational best practices and technologies for improving asset maintenance process.

Prepared by Aberdeen Group; Sponsored by @@publisher@@.

Infor, Infor White Paper, Ground Up Strategies for Asset Performance Management, Asset Performance Management (APM), Return on Assets, ROA, asset maintenance process,
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