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While power consumption and cooling are concerns for all IT departments, High Performance Computing (HPC) demands extraordinary amounts of both commodities. With pending environmental legislation bringing government oversight to the table, finding the right environment for your HPC projects is critical.

Many IT departments are struggling to stay on top of costs and compliance for their traditional architectures but more proactive businesses like BMW are creating new value opportunities. By leveraging the greater capacity of their green data center environments, they are pushing greater compute loads to the cloud and creating entirely new products.

Key topics of discussion
  • Which current and pending environmental regulations should matter to IT?
  • What is top of mind for cutting-edge and “maverick” CIOs?
  • How should tech management prioritize its agenda, and re-take the lead on advanced company initiatives?
  • After CAD and other types of design simulation, what kind of applications will require high-performance computing, and when?
  • Can the “maverick” choice in HPC hosting location contribute positively to your environmental objectives?
  • How should businesses navigate the decision to build or partner?

Verne Global, Green HPC: How IT Mavericks Push the Envelope with Clean Computing, Data Centers, environmental, it departments, High Performance Computing, Data Center, Green IT, Government IT, leveraged IT
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Verne Global
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