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Leading educational institutions have turned to Google to provide universal search solutions that enable students, faculty, and administrators to better find and manage information online. Google's solutions are benefiting colleges and universities in many ways:
  • Enhance access to information for students - Enable students to easily access relevant information, including course schedules, curriculum, prerequisites, campus activities, and other information
  • Increase productivity of faculty, staff, and advisors - With Google's universal search, faculty can easily search for research and other documents online, and university staff can share any administrative documents. Additionally, advisors can spend less time explaining basic information to students, as much of it can be found online.
This webinar will provide details behind Google's universal search solutions, including the engine that powers universal search, the Google Search Appliance. The webinar will include:
  • Business uses of internal and site search within universities
  • Overview and technical features of Google's universal search
  • Customer case studies

Google's Universal Search for Universities, Google, Google Free On-Demand Webinar, students, faculty
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Google's Universal Search for Universities
The resource is available from the link above.
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