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Integrating EAM to GIS greatly increases the flexibility and power of these two systems by adding Asset Performance Management features directly into the GIS application. Users can seamlessly access GIS data from their EAM/CMMS, or access asset data from within the GIS application to gain comprehensive information on asset location, history and characteristics. This integration enables far more efficient asset management processes because users locate assets on a map, click on them to schedule maintenance, and even map out the most efficient route workers should take to perform the day's maintenance activities. Organizations can pinpoint assets and access critical information prior to servicing, streamline workflow on widely-dispersed equipment, and create a consolidated, easy-to-access view of asset location and history, resulting in increased workforce efficiency and lower costs.

Infor, Infor White Paper, GIS and EAM/CMMS for the Public Sector: Join Power and Flexibility, Enterprise Asset Management, (EAM), Geographic Information Systems, (GIS), public sector, Asset Performance Management, maintenance
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