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This on-demand webcast will show you how to discover user accounts and groups that are members of the local "Administrators" built-in user group on computers in your Windows domain. Once the analysis has been run, Viewfinity will show you how to take action, if needed, by removing the users or suspicious groups from the Administrators group. Once the administrative rights have been removed, they'll show you how to manage and assign administrative privilege permissions to specific applications and desktop functions through granular control of administrator rights. They'll present a flexible approach that addresses the entire scope of how you can remove admin rights without sacrificing user productivity or increasing support call volume, including how to:
  • Discover User Accounts that Have Local Administrative Rights
  • Remediate by removing Users or Suspicious Groups from the Administrators group
  • Control User Permissions/Privilege Elevation via Granular Level Policies

Viewfinity, Inc., Viewfinity, Inc.:On-Demand Webcast, Getting Started: Removing Administrator Rights & Setting up Policies to Elevate Privileges, Desktop, windows
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