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From Viruses to Spyware: In the Malware Trenches with Small and Medium-size Businesses: Many SMBs have experienced malware incidents in the past year resulting in hours of downtime. Defending against malware attacks is particularly difficult for SMBs, which may have needs as sophisticated as those of a large enterprise, but rarely have the same IT resources available. For malware defense software, SMBs place a premium on ease of integration and management. Sponsored by Webroot, this report details the results of an exclusive survey where you will learn hard data on:
  • The real costs of malware measured in downtime
  • The most common types of malware incidents
  • The latest trends in malware defense software
  • Malware is an inescapable part of today's business environment. Download this survey report to learn more about current trends in security for the SMB market.

    Webroot, free Webroot survey reports, whitepapers, technical downloads, malware, viruses, spyware, worms, malicious software, malware defense, SMBs, small medium businesses, malware attacks, From Viruses to Spyware: In the Malware Trenches
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