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IT teams have long recognized that an enterprise-class IT management system is absolutely essential, especially given the mission-critical nature of most corporate IT networks. Yet for many years, IT executives resigned themselves to a frustrating reality: In order to fulfill their need for robust IT monitoring and management functionality, they had no alternative but to use a proprietary solution—even though these commercial platforms (such as HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli) have been widely criticized as being expensive, overly complex, and difficult to deploy and manage.

Now companies like Cingular Wireless, TimeWarner Cable, Siemens, and TicketMaster have embraced and rely on open source IT management products. Successful adoption by high profile firms such as these provides concrete evidence that IT teams now have a viable and market-tested open source alternative to closed commercial systems.

From OpenView to Open Source, Free White Paper, GroundWork Open Source, Inc, Cingular Wireless, TimeWarner Cable, Siemens, and TicketMaster
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From OpenView to Open Source
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