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Small Business Owners need more than an online presence to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, they need Web capabilities that allow them to boost their business and bottom line. By developing robust online capabilities for their businesses, not only do they have a better chance of standing out among the crowd, they also are better-equipped to compete with midsized and large businesses and their dedicated IT staffs.

This White Paper discusses four ways you can grow your business online:
  • Find Partners Who Offer a One-Stop Online Toolbox
  • Develop and Maintain a Dynamic, Personalized Website Experience
  • Unleash the Potential of E-Commerce
  • Put Bodyguards at the Portal Door to Secure Your Business
  • Bonus Tip: Provide Employees with Tools that Help Improve Efficiency

Four Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business' Online Presence, Embarq , Embarq Free White Paper, Small Business Owners, Improve Efficiency
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Four Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business' Online Presence
The resource is available from the link above.
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'Create a Memorable Online Experience - Get $40 per Lead'

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