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The food & beverage industry is undergoing unprecedented change and increased scrutiny in light of recent high-profile quality and consumer food safety issues. Now that the United States federal government is ready to pass legislation that will increase regulation and introduce penalties for non-compliance, will your company be prepared if the FDA comes knocking? What lessons can food companies take from their counterparts in industries such as life sciences that have been more highly regulated for years.

In this one hour session you will learn:
  • The status of legislative proposals on food safety and gain insight into likely outcomes of pending proposals
  • The key risk areas based on the anticipated penalties for non-compliance
  • The benefits of implementing enterprise quality systems in advance of legislative action
  • How to prepare for and survive the next generation FDA audit
  • How quality management solutions complement ERP systems
Presented by:

Ed Johnson, Esq.
Regulatory Analyst,

Katie Dowling,
Senior Solutions Consultant,
Sparta Systems

Sparta Systems, Sparta Systems:On-Demand Webinar, Food Safety Legislation and Regulation -- Ready? Or Not?, Food, safety, Life Sciences, regulation, science, Beverages, federal, Government
Offered by
Sparta Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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