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Wi-Fi has spread like wildfire, leveraging consumer popularity and business benefits to penetrate corporate networks. Existing security policies, implementations, and practices must evolve to address new threats in this space. An effective network defense now requires the ability to control all wireless activity that impacts your business.

From safeguarding wireless clients and data to auditing and controlling Wi-Fi connections, this paper recommends best practices to ensure the safety and integrity of today's enterprise networks. This paper decomposes the challenge of securing an enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) into five essential steps:
  • Protect wireless clients
  • Secure data in transit
  • Control corporate network use
  • Audit wireless activity
  • Enforce wireless policy

AirTight Networks, AirTight Networks White Paper, Five-Step Plan for Securing Your Enterprise WLAN, Wi-Fi, Wireless, enterprise wireless LAN,
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AirTight Networks
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