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First Level Resolution (FLR) is a measure of a service desk’s ability to resolve tickets at Level 1, without having to escalate the ticket to Level 2 (Desktop Support), Level 3 (internal IT professionals in applications, networking, the data center, or elsewhere), Field Support, or vendor support.  First Level Resolution is not to be confused with its close cousin, First Contact Resolution.  Let me provide an example to illustrate the difference.

Take the situation where a Level 1 agent accepts a call, logs a ticket, but fails to provide a solution to the caller on the initial contact.  But rather than escalate the ticket, the Level 1 agent researches the user’s issue, identifies an appropriate solution, calls the user back, delivers the solution, and closes out the ticket.  Although the ticket was not resolved on first contact, it was resolved at Level 1.  Now let’s take the situation where the Level 1 agent accepts a call, logs a ticket, and warm transfers the caller to a Level 3 IT professional who works in the NOC.  The Level 3 professional takes over the call, and provides a solution for the ticket before the user hangs up.  This ticket was resolved on First Contact, but was not resolved at First Level.

It is also helpful to note that First Contact Resolution is a quality metric which strongly impacts Customer Satisfaction, while First Level Resolution is a cost metric that strongly influences Total Cost of Ownership for end-user support.

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First Level Resolution, FLR, Service Desk, Service Desk KPIs, Customer Satisfaction
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Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
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