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Customers tend to be impatient when they want service. It doesn’t matter if they are calling their bank, their cable company, or their service desk. They want a resolution to their problem or an answer to their question right then and there! In fact, research across many different industries bears this out. Customer satisfaction – for virtually any type of customer service – is strongly correlated with First Contact Resolution.

For a service desk, First Contact Resolution (FCR) is the percentage of contacts that are resolved by the Service Desk on the first interaction with the customer. For live calls or web chats, this means that the customer’s issue is resolved before they hang up the phone, or end the chat session. Calls or chats that require a customer callback, or are escalated to another source of support do not qualify for first contact resolution. For emails, which now account for a significant percentage of all service desk contacts, the de facto standard emerging in the industry is that resolution within one business hour of receiving a customer email counts as FCR.

FCR is typically measured in one of two ways...

First Contact Resolution Rate, FCR, Service Desk KPIs, Desktop Support KPIs, Call Center KPIs
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