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You're under pressure from commoditization, globalization, and increased regulatory and compliance directives; customers are more demanding about the kind and quality of service they receive; existing legacy systems are creating daunting and complex need for integration. Sterling Commerce enables you to cut through these overwhelming complexities, simplify IT environments, and drive profitable growth on a global scale.

Your Financial Services Executive Kit includes:
  • Payments Transformation: One step at a time - Tower Group
  • Helping Financial Institutions Manage Operational - Risk White Paper
  • Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway: Helping financial services organizations meet the needs of their corporate business customers
  • BNP Paribas case study - Russell Investment Group case study

Sterling Commerce Complimentary "Financial Services Executive Kit, Sterling Commerce, Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway, Tower Group, BNP Paribas case study - Russell Investment Group case study,
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Sterling Commerce Complimentary "Financial Services Executive Kit
The resource is available from the link above.
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