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Today’s competitive business environment dictates that organizations be nimble and agile. In order for business to operate in this capacity, and ensure the success of their lean initiatives, eliminating process inefficiencies is absolutely critical. Unfortunately, too many organizations have failed to adequately assess the shortcomings of front-office, and as a result, have struggled to realize the full potential of their lean initiatives.

Business leaders must take longer looks at the lack of accountability and redundancies running rampant in the front-office if they are ever going to steer their business in the proper direction, especially when it comes to establishing a lean front-office. No process, however engrained in the organization, should be deemed untouchable. Gaining visibility and establishing accountability are the central themes in overcoming these hurdles. Like so many of today’s business challenges, the answer lies in technology but only in those solutions that offer a holistic view of the organization. It is only in viewing the organization from such a perspective that organizations can ensure that their operations run efficiently.

Extending Lean Initiatives Across the Organization: How greater efficiencies can extend beyond the manufacturing floor and back-office, Exact Software White Paper, Exact Software
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Extending Lean Initiatives Across the Organization: How greater efficiencies can extend beyond the manufacturing floor and back-office
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