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Are you struggling to find more value in your current web analytics data? Do your reports lack the valuable insights you need to drive the right visitor behavior? If you're trying to increase traffic, stickiness, and revenue at an e-commerce or content site, then this white paper is for you!

To increase web traffic and monetization, you need to understand how visitors interact with your website, not just their clickstream. This new white paper explains behavioral analytics, explores key applications, and provides a detailed case study showing you how behavioral analytics can answer questions such as:
  • What products and content are customers likely to look at next?
  • Which combination of content makes transactions more likely?
  • Which customers will return and why?
  • What website factors make customers more likely to purchase?
Strengthen your current web analytics program by learning how behavioral analytics can take your existing online data and turn it into valuable visitor insights!

Exploiting Behavioral Analytics Throughout Internet Sites, Quantivo, Quantivo Complimentary White Paper, Web operators, behavioral analytics, increase web traffic and monetization
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Exploiting Behavioral Analytics Throughout Internet Sites
The resource is available from the link above.
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