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With its genesis in Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has long been a powerful tool used by manufacturers of all types and sizes to effectively run their business. But while many of the business drivers of and ultimate benefits from ERP are consistent for manufacturers as a whole, the individual capabilities and requirements for a well suited ERP solution can vary significantly. Take, for example, process manufacturers. Process manufacturing involves creating goods from a formula or recipe that cannot be separated back to their individual components. Therefore, the viability of ingredients is important, and manufacturers must be able to identify the source and ultimate destination of products that contain specific components. As a result, rigid regulations, compliance requirements and variability of raw materials and manufacturing processes create unique requirements for special features within ERP and its modules and extensions. This report, based on data from an Aberdeen survey of 112 process manufacturers, identifies the top pressures driving ERP strategies, the key functionality that is necessary for success, and the benefits of ERP in process manufacturing.

Aberdeen Group, ERP in the Process Industries: Functional Ingredients to Create a Good Mix,
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Aberdeen Group
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