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As long as online marketers profit from its use, email spam will be a serious problem for businesses of all sizes. The millions of spam messages sent every day can drain a system's bandwidth, increase storage requirements and hamper employee productivity. To make their misdeeds even more harmful, spammers have created highly sophisticated and targeted attacks. Fraudulent email messages that sell bargain-priced pharmaceuticals, expensive watches and phony college degrees trick unsuspecting users and damage entire businesses in the process. Learn how a hosted anti-spam service provides effective, multi-layered protection against spam that preserves IT infrastructure, improves productivity and lowers costs.

Eradicate SPAM & Gain 100% Assurance of Clean Mailboxes, hosted service provides multi-layered protection against spam, Symantec Corporation, Symantec Corporation Complimentary White Paper, targeted attacks, IT infrastructure,
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Eradicate SPAM & Gain 100% Assurance of Clean Mailboxes
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