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See what makes mobility the top strategic initiative around the world.

According to Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Manufacturing Barometer Study, mobility has become a leading strategic initiative for global organizations. Key manufacturing segments and IT decision makers confirm that businesses deploying mobile solutions experience a higher degree of efficiency and profitability. Here's what some of the Study numbers tell us:
  • Mobile workers saved or recovered an average of 42 minutes per day
  • One in five companies with mobile applications noted an increase in inventory and order fulfillment accuracy
  • 60% of Study respondents are reaping the benefits of mobile technology
Get the full results of Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Manufacturing Barometer Study now.

Enterprise Mobility Barometer - State of Mobility in Manufacturing, Motorola, Motorola Complimentary White Paper, Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Manufacturing Barometer Study, strategic initiative for global organizations
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Enterprise Mobility Barometer - State of Mobility in Manufacturing
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