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With a three-fold mission to facilitate caregiver access to information technology resources, improve privacy and protect patient information, and reduce costs and reinvest in patient care, it had become clear that Children's Hospital Boston needed a solution to automate the manual, costly processes of provisioning resources and managing passwords for its 9,000 users if it was to remain steadfast to its goals. By choosing a security management solution from Courion, the Hospital was able to:
  • Reduce password reset calls by 80% and help desk calls by 25%, saving them about $650,000 a year.
  • Enable HIPAA compliance by ensuring clinical staff is given the appropriate IT access.
  • Enforce consistent access revocation of terminated employees.
  • Automate user provisioning, improving new hire access from two weeks to two hours, or less.

Courion Corporation, Free Courion Case Study, Ensuring Immediate and Appropriate User Access in the Healthcare Industry, security management practices,
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Courion Corporation
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