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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition is a user provisioning and access control software suite that provides a secure framework for user provisioning, account workflow, and identity storage through delegated self-service web portals. Fully compatible with existing Microsoft infrastructure, Unify Enterprise is rapidly integrated with Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Good.

In this white paper we will discuss the increasingly complex landscape around user provisioning and how IT organizations at all levels are adapting to the challenge of providing mission critical services that meet the organizations security, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition: User Provisioning and Access Control Software, how to address the high cost and growing complexity of providing user provisioning and access control for the collaboration infrastructure, Free WHite paper, Unify Enterprise i
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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition: User Provisioning and Access Control Software
The resource is available from the link above.
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