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Due to the telecommunications industry focus on enterprise business for large sales and the consumer market for a high volume of customers, the small and mid-tier business customers (what are now referred to as SMBs) were often left without the most cost effective service options. This problem also has a dramatic impact on large retail enterprises that frequently have a number of smaller stores or outlets spread throughout a geographic territory.

This white paper will identify some of the technologies that provided a solution but also limited the capabilities of the retail sector in the past. More importantly, it will touch on why those tools are ineffective today and should be replaced with more adaptable unified communications solutions.

Written by: Realtime Publishers; Sponsored by: Avaya

Enhancing Retail Operations with Unified Communications, Avaya, Avaya Complimentary White Paper, Written by Realtime Publishers; Sponsored by Avaya, Unified communications technologies, SMBs, retail sector
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Enhancing Retail Operations with Unified Communications
The resource is available from the link above.
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