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Connect your field service team to core business systems and watch the quality of their customer interaction soar, along with on-the-job productivity—both of which directly affect the health of your business. Register for Transform Field Sales and Field Service Workers from Informed to Empowered, a complimentary application brief, to see how a robust mobile computer empowers workers to turn action items in to actions taken.

This application brief describes how mobility changes the game with:
  • Fast and accurate order processing on site for swifter order delivery
  • Improved product demand visibility for better production management
  • Completion of more jobs per day through electronic work orders
  • Signature capture for immediate proof of service/proof of delivery
  • Better planning of routes to minimize mileage, fuel costs, and better customer service
Register for the application brief to learn how a mobile computer empowers your account managers, merchandisers, or field service team to take action.

mobile computer, customer, learning, Accounting, mobility, Planning, production, Sales
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The resource is available from the link above.
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