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Bar code scanning has come to play a central role in today's enterprise, eliminating manual processes and bringing a new level of automation, productivity and accuracy to a wide range of applications. But in contrast, mobile image capture — photographs and video — is not nearly as common in today's enterprises. This low adoption rate is primarily due to technology limitations: Lower resolution cameras incorporated into mobile devices and smart phones were incapable of capturing the level of detail needed in enterprise applications. Existing long-range fixed focus technology posed a challenge for the capture of photographs and documents at close range — documents were often illegible and photographs often lacked clarity and detail.

The lower bandwidth of older cellular networks resulted in lengthy transmission times for large image files, often adding time and cost to everyday processes. Additionally, most enterprise class mobile devices previously required companies to choose between a bar code scanner and a digital camera. Given the fact that bar code scanning has become a "must have" application, and image capture has been to date a "nice to have" application, companies typically opted for and deployed devices with the more mission critical bar code scanning functionality.

And as a result, the incorporation of digital cameras in enterprise mobile devices has been occasional at best – and the potential value of image capture in enterprise applications has remained primarily unexplored.

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