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This EMA white paper details the business case for using a privilege management solution to manage least privilege environments. Based upon EMA research, and through interviews conducted with Viewfinity customers, the study provides the business justification for going beyond the “all or nothing approach” to desktop lockdown. A privilege management system:
  • Balances the rigidity of locking down end points with the needs of user customization.
  • Provides security and operations professionals with a method for securing the end-point by elevating privileges at the application level rather than providing total administrative privileges.
  • Reduces system risk without sacrificing user productivity or increasing support call volume.
When done properly, lockdown combined with a privilege management solution does offer an optimal balance for controlling your endpoints.

Viewfinity, Inc., Viewfinity, Inc.:White Paper, EMA Research: The Business Case for Striking an Optimal Balance of Endpoint Control, locking down PCs, PC, Desktop, Security
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