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Kalexsyn, a life sciences Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded in 2003, chose to implement an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), instead of paper, from Day One. The ELN serves as the central hub for all research activities, enabling scientists to easily collaborate, design, and document experiments for their pharmaceutical clients.

The CEO estimates the ELN has
  • Shaved 25% off the time once spent on documentation
  • Provided workflow efficiencies
  • Saved thousands of dollars per year
Most importantly, the ELN assists with reporting experimental progress to clients, making Kalexsyn a better, more productive partner.

Download this FREE case study NOW to learn how Kalexsyn is using the ELN to their advantage.

Accelrys Software, Accelrys Software:Case Study, Electronic Lab Notebook: Paperfree from Day One, Electronic Lab, Life Sciences, science, scientist, Pharmaceutical
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