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e-Signatures represent an inexpensive and automated way to finalize contracts and conduct business amongst trading partners. This technology empowers those who want to expediently close legally compliant business deals, as customers can sign on the “virtual dotted line” in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of Signature Automation include:
  • Improved sales performance and reduced revenue cycle
  • Improved compliance and governance
  • Channel efficiency
Using e-Signatures drastically improves the customer's signing experience; it does not require IT resources for implementation or maintenance; there is nothing to download or install; and it is affordable for all organizations. Download this White Paper today to learn more!

Adobe Systems Incorporated, Adobe Systems Incorporated:White Paper, e-Signatures 101 – What You Need to Know for Success, sales performance, e-signature, it performance, it automation, customer, contract signature, it organization, Sales
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Adobe Systems Incorporated
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