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With annual revenues of nearly $60 billion, PepsiCo offers one of the world's largest portfolios of food and beverage brands. Yet even with its tremendous size and global scope, the company strives to create an environment where every employee has the opportunity to make a difference and bring truly great ideas to life.

Mark Whittaker, PepsiCo's vice president of transportation, and his team saw an opportunity to add value and generate revenue by establishing an internal logistics services division for the various PepsiCo business units. Profitable from the start, Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc. (PLCI) is now moving 40,000 shipments annually. Read this interview to hear Whittaker—joined by Rob Hair, director of PepsiCo transportation systems and processes, and Andy Greenberg, manager of PLCI—discuss their management approach, growth strategies and the rewards of treating each and every shipment as an opportunity to gain and retain business.

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