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More than 5,700 distribution companies - from small and medium-sized firms to some of the largest distributors in the world-rely on Infor to grow their businesses in Industrial, Apparel and Footwear, Building Materials, Electrical, Paper, PHAC/HVAC, Food Service, Medical Supplies and Janitorial/Sanitation.

The "Infor in Action" report highlights how leading distributors are driving revenue, reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and gaining competitive advantage.
  • Learn how an irrigation equipment distributor increased revenue by 60%.
  • Read how a bicycle distributor used demand planning to deliver the right inventory to the right place.
  • Find out how a building materials distributor streamlined their supply chain operations.
Learn the secrets from these distributors. Get the report now.

Infor, Infor Special Report, Distribution Success Stories: Success Secrets from Distributors, enterprising distributors, distribution, small and medium-sized firms, Industrial, Apparel and Footwear, Building Materials, Electrical, Paper, PHAC/HVAC, Food
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