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Higher productivity is just a voice command away. See how one company uses adaptive voice picking software and Motorola wearable computers to realize a 99.9% picking accuracy. This compelling video case study chronicles the success achieved by Progistix – one of Canada's largest 3PLs – after they implemented Motorola wearable mobile computers and adaptive voice picking software. The combination results in:
  • Fast, accurate voice picking
  • Better than 99.9 percent accuracy
  • Best-in-class on-time performance
  • Significantly improved productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Make your warehouse operations more productive, your employees more focused, and your customers more satisfied. Register for this video case study to find out how.

Dialed-up Distribution, Motorola, Motorola Complimentary Video Case Study, Motorola mobile computers, adaptive voice directed software, reduce errors, boost productivity, voice directed software, Canada's largest 3PLs, Progistix
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Dialed-up Distribution
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