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The promise of BYOD is a simple one: to centrally manage and secure all devices and all platforms yet still enable the business to function as normal. BYOD can catch some companies ill-prepared, without strategy, solutions and the right tools to deal with the diversity of end-user devices. BYOD has true business value, yet many BYOD implementations have stalled because of the perceived drawbacks. Recently, desktop delivery has sparked interest in many companies, renewing energy in BYOD. Desktop virtualization allows the continued use of varied devices, yet offers to deliver the same business experience through a corporate approved virtual desktop. While there is renewed hope that BYOD implementations can be restarted, there still exist trade-offs and potential challenges.

In this session, learn about how Desktop Virtualization can power BYOD, revitalize implementations, and then understand the challenges that still exist. Also, hear how those existing challenges can be resolved using a unique type of technology that solves performance, latency, and scalability issues.


Rod Trent - IT Community Manager Windows IT Pro

Orestes Melgarejo- Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Citrix

Hewlett-Packard Company, Hewlett-Packard Company:Live Webcast, Desktop Virtualization for BYOD, Expanding Options, Desktop, virtual desktop, windows
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Hewlett-Packard Company
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