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Despite the best efforts of security professionals, IT managers are extremely anxious about securing emails and internet downloads, curtailing hacker attempts and managing devices. Providing relief on these issues, equipment manufacturers are developing security routers that consolidate routing and multiple security functions and eliminate the need for several devices. These devices need to be low cost, easy to use and effective against many types of potential security breaches. This white paper describes a solution that accelerates time to market and lowers development costs based on the following components:
  • Intel ® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist Technology – system-on-a-chip (SOC) incorporating an Intel® architecture core, memory controller, I/O controller and hardware-assisted security acceleration.
  • Intoto iGateway MSG SecureSME™ - Security router software integrating small and medium enterprise (SME) specific security features and gateway functionality.
  • Portwell PPAP-3730VL – Embedded system board targeting security gateway applications.
Published by Intel®; Presented by Bell Microproducts Inc.

Designing an SMB Multi-Service Security Gateway Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks Accelerate Security Gateway Development, Published by Intel®; Presented by Bell Microproducts Inc, Bell Microproducts Inc, Bell Microproducts Free Solution White Paper, Intel Â
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Designing an SMB Multi-Service Security Gateway Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks Accelerate Security Gateway Development
The resource is available from the link above.
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