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In an era where the competitive market for goods and services continues to tighten, executives of project-driven organizations must increase their emphasis on the creation of extended, profitable relationships — much longer than just the initial sale. To succeed with an increased vertical integration strategy they will need an information-driven infrastructure that will promote quality, enhance sales, elevate loyalty, and increase profitability throughout the project lifecycle.

For many project-driven organizations, a project lifecycle can be segmented into three distinct phases: design, build and service. In each of these phases the organization that designs, creates and services an end product must have the information necessary to ensure that key organizational parameters (quality, cost, timeliness, profitability and client satisfaction) are met. However, SPI Research has found that the key to sustain growth and maximize returns is to not maximize these individual stages, but to think of it as a complete and interrelated cycle. By integrating the three phases productivity improvement is achieved. The ultimate goal would be to move from thinking "project lifecycle" to a new "project profit cycle".

Published by Service Performance Insight; Sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics

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