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Selling complex products on a global scale increases your need to provide content in multiple languages. English proficiency is generally low in emerging markets, so customers expect content in their native language.

They would say something like this: Customers are more than twice as likely to complete a purchase when being sold to their native language.

The white paper Translation Services Drive Revenue in the World's Fastest Growing Economies explores this trend and provides a solution for managing growing demand with tight budgets.

Learn about:
  • Three trends driving the need for more global content
  • Solving the challenge of catering to local markets
  • A cost-effective solution for meeting your current demands
Effectively deliver consistent customer experience globally, download the white paper today.

Lionbridge Technologies, Lionbridge Technologies:White Paper, Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience Globally, customer, Marketing
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Lionbridge Technologies
The resource is available from the link above.
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