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During these meetings the interviewees addressed a broad range of storage-related questions designed to gauge their current and projected storage requirements and to identify their storage challenges. Ask for Corporate Technologies' most recent 61-page proprietary Data Storage Outlook: Summary Report, which you can use as a report card allowing you to:
  • Benchmark your data storage and backup requirements
  • Leverage the data to justify additional budgets and resources
  • Drive strategic planning by identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Maximize utilization of current storage investments
  • Decrease operational costs for managing storage assets
  • Meet backup and restore windows
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
See if you qualify to participate in Corporate Technologies' upcoming Data Storage Outlook: 2011 Study.

Qualified senior storage professionals in select US-based, mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies will be interviewed on their current and projected storage and backup requirements. Responses will be treated confidentially and reflected only in aggregate analysis when Corporate Technologies publishes their Data Storage Outlook: 2011 Summary Report.

Study participants completing the interview will receive the Data Storage Outlook: 2011 Summary Report—a $1,595 value—absolutely free. This Summary Report will once again provide current insight into how your peers are meeting today's top storage challenges and initiatives, and give you the insight you need to drive cost out of storage and maximize your current storage investments.

Participants completing the interview will also receive an Apple $199 iPhone gift card, good for the purchase of a 16GB iPhone 4 or comparably priced Apple merchandise. Optionally, you may elect to have the $199 donated to a charity of your choice.

Qualified registrants will get a personal interview with one of Corporate Technologies' Senior Storage Architects during your follow-up in-office interview. These professionals have many years' experience architecting and implementing storage infrastructures, and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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