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Customers, across both BtoB and BtoC markets, do not see channel lines or boundaries. The lines of service and engagement expectations have blurred where regardless of market, industry or even geography, customers expect to have a relevant, personalized, seamless experience when, where and how they choose to initiate it. This requires a fundamental shift in mindset, shedding the old Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer mindsets, instead adopting a mindset that delivers a connected, personalized and relevant experience in a Customer-to-Business approach.

Join the CMO Council as we invite industry leaders to share how their commerce-focused engagement strategies have transformed into Customer-to-Business led strategies that deliver highly relevant and seamless state-of-the-art interactions across the channel of their customer's choosing. Brand leaders will present their own experiences in developing these strategies while industry experts in eCommerce customer experience will share key trends and requirements shaping this new omni-channel mandate.


Susie Sapsara, Head of Global eBusiness, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Global

SAP, SAP:Live Webcast, Customer-to-Business eCommerce Strategy: Mastering the Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience, ecommerce, e-commerce, cmo, customer, ebusiness, Consumer, Marketing
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