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Any discussion of customer satisfaction must take place in the context of cost. Customer Satisfaction and cost per contact are the yin and yang of a service organization. These metrics are in constant tension, and every service organization grapples with how to strike an appropriate balance between the two. With no restraints on spending, it is relatively easy for a service desk to “spend its way” to high customer satisfaction. Conversely, if customer satisfaction is not an issue, a service desk can reduce its costs almost indefinitely.

Every support organization does, of course, operate with both spending limitations and quality standards. The objective, therefore, is to achieve the highest possible quality within the budgetary constraints placed on an organization. Some service desks that operate under severe budgetary restrictions are doing quite well when they achieve a 75% customer satisfaction score. By contrast, a service desk with a relatively generous budget that achieves an 85% customer satisfaction score may not be doing so well, despite having a higher absolute customer satisfaction score. The point is that cost matters, and customer satisfaction must be interpreted in light of the spending constraints that a service desk operates under.

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Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
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