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Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Time: 11:00 am PT/ 2:00 pm ET

During this hour-long interactive webcast you'll gain real-world insights from experts in customer experience management as well as leading edge marketers making shifts in how they champion customer centricity in their own organizations. We'll take a look at the importance of actionable data, the new sentiments of both the btob and btoc mobile-dependent buyer, and how to architect a successful, comprehensive customer experience strategy.

  • Jamie Anderson, Global Vice President of Product Marketing - SAP
  • Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing - CMO Council
  • Andrew Sherrard, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile Brand Marketing - T-Mobile

SAP, SAP:Live Webcast, Customer Experience for the Modern Marketer: How New Business Demands Have Changed the Customer Experience Mandate, cmo, customer, modern IT, senior IT, Customer Experience Management, Marketing, it organization
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