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CRM Mastery shows how a solution like Neocase Software can help companies like yours:
  • Increase first call resolution rates
  • Streamline customer service workflow processes (escalation and reassignment) to more rapidly close cases
  • Gain immediate access to the type of service contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) associated with any given interaction
  • Collaborate globally among a number of different internal resources and/or third-party business partners
  • Provide field technicians with real-time access to case histories and the company's support knowledge base
  • Gain access to graphical dashboards to monitor all aspects of the customer service operations
Download this comprehensive CRM Technology Briefing Report-sponsored by Neocase Software, a cost-effective customer service solution for mid-market companies concerned with differentiating their business through the quality of support they provide.

Prepared by CRM Mastery, Inc.; Sponsored by @@publisher@@.

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Neocase Software
The resource is available from the link above.
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