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Business users can easily fall victim to malicious links in email, instant messages, and rogue or compromised Web sites. In a single click of the mouse, a user can unwittingly access a Web page that installs malware and other unwanted software on the user's PC, leading to possible system damage, information or identity theft and all kinds of potential compliance violations. Your users need a reliable computing environment; you need failsafe network protection. In this white paper, discover how state-of-the-art scanning technologies used in MessageLabs' leading security solutions guard your users and network from such threats.

Converged Threats on the Security Landscape, emails, instant messages,Web pages, malware, threats, malicious links in email, instant messages,system damage, information or identity theft, state-of-the-art scanning technologie, MessageLabs, leading securi
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Converged Threats on the Security Landscape
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