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Leading customer-oriented companies see every customer interaction as an opportunity to retain a valued customer, increase revenue, build loyalty or strengthen a brand. These enterprises look to customer relationship management solutions to help them connect with customers, anticipate their needs and deliver the products and services customers want. The need for customer insight and responsiveness to that insight is the foundation and driving rationale for the emerging CRM concept of continuous customer dialogue through multi-channel touchpoints.

This white paper discusses how delivering a consistently positive experience to the customer through an ongoing, multi-channel dialogue enhances value for both parties over the lifetime of the relationship.

Continuous Customer Dialogues: Strategies for growth and loyalty in multi-channel customer-oriented organizations, Infor, Infor Complimentary White Paper, customer-oriented companies, multi-channel touchpoints, customer relationship management solutions
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Continuous Customer Dialogues: Strategies for growth and loyalty in multi-channel customer-oriented organizations
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