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The information processing demands of many of today's businesses have long outgrown legacy RDBMS software from Oracle, IBM, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. In many cases DBAs are still stitching these systems together, adding another table and another join until eventually they hit a wall and realize relational databases were simply not designed for today's big data challenges. The web giants Amazon, Facebook and Google were the first to struggle with the scale of big data and now mainstream enterprises are feeling the pain. IT leaders at these companies are no longer asking the question of whether they should have a NoSQL strategy, but rather when it will roll out and which NoSQL technologies to use. That's still a tough question today as there are countless different flavors of NoSQL targeting different use cases.

Key topics of discussion:
  • What's driving NoSQL adoption in the enterprise?
  • What are the inhibitors to enterprise adoption?
  • What are the different NoSQL technologies and which use cases are they designed for?
  • Sessions stores versus analytics
  • What lessons can we learn from early adopters of NoSQL?
  • What role does the cloud play as NoSQL and MongoDB in particular is offered by many cloud service providers?
  • What are the likely trends in NoSQL that will affect the enterprise?

10gen, Inc., 10gen, Inc.:Live Webinar, Considerations For Rolling Out A NoSQL Strategy in the Enterprise, enterprise it, sql, sql server, database, it leaders, Servers, it system, it trends
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