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This free white paper explains how increased mobility can be the catalyst that makes one-button conferencing, unified and instant messaging, rich presence, real-time collaboration, and other ROI-driven applications work harder. These Unified Communications (UC) applications are uniquely suited to be used in concert with devices that enable mobility, including (but definitely not limited to):
  • Softphones
  • Smartphones
  • Fixed/wireless dual-mobility devices
  • Mobility clients
In just the first few pages, you'll also learn: why real mobility has to encompass more than just being on the road; how to make the business case for mobility; and how mobility can be particularly critical for vertical industries. Download this timely free white paper.

Conferencing, Messaging, and Collaboration: Empowering Each Other, NEC Unified Solutions, Inc., true potential of conferencing, messaging, and collaboration, ne-button conferencing, unified and instant messaging, rich presence, real-time collaboration, an
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