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Currently, technology is evolving rapidly and new telecommunications technologies are being created on an almost daily basis. In order to establish themselves and acquire financial stability, young companies traditionally offer only a limited scope of services in the initial phase of operations.

Comarch has been offered such companies BSS and OSS solutions for many years. Our experience has shown us, for example, that billing solutions targeted at such customers should be adjusted to their needs and be financially affordable. At the same time solutions must meet the highest quality standards in terms of the software used and implementation processes.

This white paper will discuss what has been identified as the most critical customer requirements in the telecommunications field:
  • need for AAA and Real-Time Rating,
  • straightforward and efficient customer handling,
  • need for flexible provisioning,
  • fast new service creation.

Comarch's Solution for ISPs, Comarch S.A., BSS/OSS solutions,Comarch S.A. White Paper
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Comarch's Solution for ISPs
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