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Companies have invested tremendous resource in building web sites to drive revenue, customer satisfaction and global reach. Yet, nearly 60% of online transactions are abandoned. This White Paper examines how leading companies including Daimler Chrysler, Jenny Craig, and Kimpton Hotels are leveraging Click to Call from eStara to help buyers transition seamlessly between online and offline channels for increased sales conversions, and decreased shopping cart abandonment.

Click to Call from eStara bridges the most ubiquitous channels, the Web and the telephone, to provide a seamless and continuous experience and convenience that consumers demand, while providing them access to personalized customer service that they crave. It not only is a customer-centric solution that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, it also provides direct benefits to companies, helping them achieve top-line growth and maximize the value and effectiveness of the online channel with minimal additional investment.

eStara, Free eStara White Paper, Click to Call, Giving Voice to Online Transactions
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