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Through the 2007 acquisition of IronPort Systems, Cisco is extending its Self-Defending Network strategy to include Email Security. The IronPort "Blocker" is the only SMB security appliance that includes real-time updates sent directly and automatically to your appliance from trained security specialists at the IronPort Threat Operations Center. This 24x7 proactive threat tracking is combined with the world's most advanced anti-spam and anti-virus computer algorithms for maximum security protection.

Set It and Forget It - IronPort innovation and technology provide for the easiest implementation of the world's most powerful security technology. The IronPort Spam & Virus Blocker is fully automated and self-managing. Initial set up time is less than 15 minutes, with virtually no ongoing maintenance. The appliance includes 24x7 customer support and software updates.

IronPort, IronPort Information Overview, Cisco's IronPort Spam and Virus Blocker, spam and viruses, Self-Defending Network, email security,
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