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Microsoft UC can provide significant competitive advantages and help boost bottom-line business performance. But, to fully leverage Microsoft UC's capabilities - and to minimize the cost and effort associated with Microsoft UC rollouts - IT organizations must be sure that they select the right VoIP hardware infrastructure to complement their Microsoft UC implementation. By choosing the right VoIP gateway, Microsoft UC implementers can significantly improve both their total ROI and the competitive advantages they gain as a result of their convergence initiatives.

This white paper outlines the opportunities and challenges companies face as they implement Microsoft UC as part of their overall computing-and-communications environments, including the role of VoIP gateways in Microsoft UC implementations and significant advantages that Quintum's VoIP solutions provide.

Choosing the Right VoIP Gateway for Microsoft UC: A Guide for Voice Infrastructure Decision Makers, Quintum Technologies, Quintum Technologies Free White Paper, Microsoft UC, Quintum's VoIP solutions
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Choosing the Right VoIP Gateway for Microsoft UC: A Guide for Voice Infrastructure Decision Makers
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